Sunday, December 23, 2007

From The Pew Research Center

Released by the Pew Research Center, September 25, 2007:

(This from a nationwide survey of 3,002 adults, August 1-18 of this year.)
  • 58% stated that they know very little, or nothing, about Muslims
  • 70% stated that the Muslim's religion was very different from their own
  • 53% had a favorable opinion of Muslim Americans but only 43% had a favorable opinion of Muslims in general, and that is down from 47% in March of 2002
  • The most common one-word impressions of Islam was “fanatic, radical, terror”

In our activities within the interfaith community, we have found Muslims to be a warm, loving, heart-centered people; however, this study tells us that few Americans have had an opportunity to get to know people of the Islamic faith.

And that is what we at Common Tables are all about - breaking bread with and getting to know people from communities which feel disconnected from our own.

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