Saturday, February 9, 2008

Common Tables - Now a FaceBook Cause!

We have now set up Common Tables as a "Cause" on! Find us by clicking here, then simply enter Common Tables in the "Search Causes" box at the top of the page.

The goal of Facebook Causes is what Facebook calls "equal opportunity activism." Facebook is trying to level the playing field by empowering individuals and newer non-profits to change the world. It sounds simple . . . and it is!!!

We will be using the Common Tables Cause on Facebook to help our friends recruit their friends into the Common Tables Cause, to keep everybody in the Cause up-to-speed on issues related to our global initiative and to keep members in-the-loop as media excitement related to the Common Tables Interfaith Initiative continues to grow.

Our presence on Facebook Causes gives everyone an opportunity to leverage their network on Facebook to effect positive change on a truly global scale. Our presence on Facebook creates an opportunity for all who really care about global harmony to quickly, easily and directly make a difference.

“Causes” provides the tools, you provide the network, Common Tables provides the global initiative. We encourage you to get involved, to get your networks involved . . . and their networks . . . and their networks! Together we can change the world . . . one meal at a time!!

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