Monday, November 24, 2008

"Turkish Islam and the Secular State: The Gulen Movement"

Monday's Media Review
Peaceful Islamic movements are an integral part of the fabric of Turkish life. This book explores recent reformations of Islam and culture in Turkey – in particular the Islamic modernist Fethullah Gulen movement.

The Gulen movement, easily one of the most significant over the past 50 years in Turkey, combines a devotion of Islam with an emphasis on modern learning, particularly modern sciences. Combine these teachings with Gulen’s focus on tolerance and on co-existence in a pluralistic society and we find a movement which not only inspires many young Turkish Muslims, but which suggests a model of compassionate dialogue for the entire planet.

To my knowledge, this book is the first academic attempt to examine Gulen’s teachings. In this time of so much anti-Muslim rhetoric, this book serves as an important reminder that Islam, like all religions, must be studied in context . . . and that context is always a product of political, social and economic conditions.

4 Stars!
Original Release Date: November, 2003
Length: 256 Pages
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