Monday, May 5, 2008

The Faith Club

Monday's Media Review:

The Faith Club
A Muslim, A Christian, A Jew - Three Women Search for Understanding

For many of us, an opportunity to meet our role models is one met with mixed emotions. There is a part of us which nearly boils over with anticipation, but there is another part where anxiety lurks. What happens to our world view if our heroines disappoint – what if they fail to be worthy of the pedestal we have placed them on in our minds?

This past Sunday we, the Founders of Common Tables, had the opportunity to meet the women of “The Faith Club” up close, in person . . . and they far exceeded our lofty expectations. These are three who really “walk their talk”. I can only say that we are fortunate that people like Ranya Idliby, Suzanne Oliver, and Priscilla Warner are on this planet at this time in our history – that they are being, doing, and sharing with all of us. They prove what is possible for people everywhere.

Their book, "The Faith Club" was the first we read after deciding to start Common Tables. It remains at the top of our recommended reading list.

In a world where conflict and controversy dominate the religious news, these three women - Jew, Christian, and Muslim - model what can happen when we come together with open hearts and a spirit of curiosity. They lead by example and demonstrate how together we can reach far greater heights than by each walking our own path alone.

5 Stars!!
Original Release Date: October, 2006
Length: 416 Pages
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