Saturday, January 12, 2008

Our Blogging Policies

We suppose this is as good a time as any to let the reader know what our policies are. In general, those involved in interfaith activities are independent sorts who don’t like a lot of rules. With that in mind, we have set policies in only a couple of areas:

First are policies concerning our posts:

We will always strive to be truthful and accurate. When we make a mistake of a material nature, we will correct it as soon as we can.

Any necessary corrections or updates will be made in such a way as to not materially impact the substance of our original blog posting.

Mistakes of a non-material nature will not be edited. In other words, we will leave our mistakes visible unless they cause harm.

When we feel it is appropriate, we will link to other websites and blogs; however, we are not endorsing or responsible for the opinions and content of those sites.

Finally, we will post only those items we feel will be of interest to readers with an active involvement in interfaith activities.

And then there are policies impacting reader participation:

You may post comments to this blog.

Our intent is to encourage active and lively participation in this blog. With that goal in mind, we will enforce only a limited number of rules and guidelines:

Your comments will not be moderated before they are made visible.

Your comments will not be edited.

We will not delete criticism of the Common Tables model for interfaith dialogue nor will we delete criticism of our opinions.

We will delete comments determined by us to be proselytizing.

We will delete those posts which criticize or find fault with the beliefs of others.

We will delete comments which contain obscenities, which are believed by us to be spam, and those which don’t contribute to the purposes of this blog.

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