Saturday, January 19, 2008

Toledo Blade Features Common Tables

The Toledo Blade, Toledo, OH, featured Common Tables in a nice article in this morning's edition. David Yost, Religion Reporter, said in part:

"In the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Dave Corby's first reaction was 'to be mad at them - which in my mind was Muslims.'

"After thinking it over, however, he came to the conclusion that 'it was pretty stupid of me because I didn't know any Muslims.'

"That realization was among several factors that inspired Mr. Corby to start Common Tables, a nonprofit, nondenominational group based in Denver, Colo. Its mission is to bring people of different religious traditions together to share meals in relaxed settings, usually someone's home, in order to build better relationships and help diverse groups live in harmony.

"The organization was founded last April, went online in May, and has had more than 300 people enrolled so far. Its ambitious goal, however, is to enlist 3 million participants worldwide within a year."

See the complete article by clicking here: Toledo Blade


Judy T said...

The religion editor of 'The Blade' in Toledo, Ohio, is David Yonke. [name correction] He telephoned us regarding the article he was preparing on Common Tables.

We have been doing a similar event we call 'Tables of Eight' for about a year. One of our co-chairs, Srini Srinivason, coordinates the dinner groups. Details may be found at

We sincerely appreciate the Common Tables project. We firmly believe that these local, grass-roots efforts to learn about and understand the 'other' have the capacity to change the world.

Judy & Woody Trautman
Co-chairs, the MultiFaith Council of NW Ohio and NAIN Board members

Dave Corby said...

Hi Judy,

Thanks for the input and my apoligies for the errors in Mr. Yonke's name and title!! I should know better than to try and type anything before at least my second cup of coffee!!

I agree with your comment about the importance of grass-roots efforts within the interfaith community . . . and it appears there is a hunger for the sorts of opportunities being created by groups such as yours and ours.

Our level of interest is such that we already have members from coast-to-coast in the US and have provided information about Common Tables to organizations and individuals in 86 countries around the globe. We view the surge of global enthusiasm as reason for optimism.

Thanks again,
Dave Corby
Founding Member, Common Tables