Saturday, January 26, 2008

Common Tables at Wind Crest

This past Thursday - the 24th - Common Tables celebrated its newly formed partnership with the Wind Crest retirement community in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Our objective remains that of establishing 750,000 small, interfaith dinner groups which combine to create a grass-roots base for overcoming barriers, misconceptions, and fear-based thinking about diversity and inclusion. The people who live at Wind Crest are contributing to our goals by joining in and starting up their own on-site Common Tables groups.

“There is a genuine community of unity being built here at Wind Crest, and we want to celebrate and recognize that,” said Randy Harris, the Executive Director of Common Tables. “This is the first time we’ve partnered with another organization in this way.”

“I have always believed that it’s important never to judge someone, based on his or her belief in God”, said Clarence Burton, a resident of Wind Crest. “By introducing Common Tables to Wind Crest, we have an opportunity to expand our social and cultural circles. It will give us an opportunity to value the diversity of Wind Crest residents, enabling us to become better neighbors and enriching our community living experience.”

This celebration served as Common Tables at Wind Crest’s inaugural event. The event was attended by numerous residents and staff members from the Wind Crest community. A certificate of Appreciation was presented to the community by representatives from our organization.

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