Saturday, August 2, 2008

Appreciative Inquiry & Common Tables - Part 2

This week we continue our look at Appreciative Inquiry - what it is and why it is an important tool for the Common Tables Family to know how to use. Here we continue last week's look at the "Eight Principals of Appreciative Inquiry" by looking at Principals Numbers 3, 4 and 5:

Principal Number 3: The Poetic Principal - We Can Choose What We Study
  • Organizations, like open books, are endless sources of study and learning.
  • What we choose to study makes a difference. It describes - even creates - the world as we know it.

Principal Number 4: The Anticipatory Principle - Image Inspires Action

  • Human systems move in the direction of their images of the future.
  • The more positive and hopeful the image of the future, the more positive the present-day action.

Principal Number 5: The Positive Principal - Positive Questions Lead to Positive Change

  • Momentum for large-scale change requires large amounts of positive affect and social bonding.
  • This momentum is best generated through positive questions that amplify the positive core.
NOTE: This material is from the wonderful book The Power of Appreciative Inquiry by Diana Whitney and, a special friend of Common Tables, Amanda Trosten-Bloom.

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