Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Why We Do It

To paraphrase a great American, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we have a dream – a dream that will open the heart of the world forever. We see a day when individuals create relationships that build acceptance, harmony, and understanding that transcend religious or political differences. We see a day when people of any and all faiths and belief systems will come to see the value in each other’s uniqueness.

We each have the power and the opportunity right in our own communities to affect change. Towns across this nation and the world are becoming more heterogeneous, not less. This grass roots movement can leverage this opportunity. Through Common Tables, it is now so easy to meet and socialize with people outside of your circle of friends – while changing the isolation and separation inherent in our diverse and global society.

Our goal is to actively promote peace through understanding and the dissolution of perceived differences.

Look out your window and see young children of all ethnic backgrounds playing together. Will adult-realities eventually have these children taking up arms against each other because we – as adults – have failed to learn the truth – or at least the common ground – for peaceful coexistence?

This is a pervasive problem between all people of all religions. Look around. Most of the world’s problems originate from the inability of political and religious leaders to find a common ground of understanding and acceptance, or their unwillingness to lessen the reins of control.

In most parts of the world – and from many religious and philosophical teachers – we hear we need to promote racial, ethnic and religious harmony; pursue a relationship of oneness with all mankind, honor our differences and celebrate our common ground. These are all platitudes when they are uttered but not reinforced by action. Common Tables will help to change that by changing how individuals everywhere view diversity. It is happening already.

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