Monday, April 21, 2008

"Groundhog Day"

Monday's Media Review

It is tempting to look at this movie as being simply one (albeit great) series of lessons – lessons that you learn and take with you – and to let it go at that.

But here’s the thing: They don’t preach at you. You figure the lessons out as you move through the movie with Phil Connors (Bill Murray), and that makes for a far deeper experience than lessons received in “lecture mode.”

At its core the movie is a comedy – and a very good one. But it’s also a romance. With a metaphysical/moral message. Hmmm. A movie in the romantic-metaphysical-funny-morality sort of genre!

The lesson is a simple one, but delivered in memorable style: we can all change our lives by changing the only thing we really have control over – ourselves. And the only time we can make those changes is today. Remember, the time-loop only ends for Phil Connors when he finds perfect happiness in the present moment.

5 Stars for this one!!
Length: 101 Minutes

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