Thursday, April 17, 2008

Table Grace - Part 2

In March we shared a few examples from our collection of interfaith blessings. A month has gone by and it's time to share a few more of our favorites.

Here are our April selections:

Creator, Earth Mother, we thank you for our lives and this beautiful day.
Thank You for the bright sun and the rain we received last night.
Thank You for this circle of friends and the opportunity to be together.
We want to thank You especially at this time for the giveaway of their lives made by the chickens, beets, carrots, grains and lettuce.
We thank them for giving of their lives so we may continue our lives through this great blessing.
Please help us honor them through how we live our lives.

Native American

Heavenly Father, great and good,
We thank thee for this daily food.
Bless us even as we pray;
Guide and keep us through this day.

From a Collection Compiled by Carmel United Methodist Church, Carmel, IN

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